The Big Bus (1976)

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The Big Bus
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Full Free Watch The Big Bus (1976) : Movie The ultimate disaster film parody. A nuclear powered bus is making it's maiden non-stop trip from New York to Denver. The journey is plagued by disasters due to the machinations of a mysterious group allied with the oil lobby. Will the down on his luck driver, with a reputation for eating his passengers, be able to complete the journey?

Release Date:Jun 23, 1976
Production Company:Paramount
Production Countries:United States of America
Casts:Joseph Bologna, Stockard Channing, John Beck, Rene Auberjonois, Ned Beatty, Bob Dishy, José Ferrer, Ruth Gordon, Harold Gould, Larry Hagman, Sally Kellerman
Plot Keywords:bus, bus ride, bus bomb, slapstick, disaster, spoof, madcap comedy, disaster movie

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